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Sexuality Education

There’s too much at risk to make a mistake.

Decisions about sex and relationships may be the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Think before you act! Base your decision about sex on medically accurate information, not from peers or media.

Why Wait?

The benefits of waiting are:

  • Freedom from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Freedom from the risk of pregnancy. If you become pregnant you only have three choices and NONE of them are easy: Abortion; Adoption; Parenting. Any one of these choices will permanently change your life from the way it was before pregnancy
  • Freedom from carrying emotional baggage and memories from old relationships into your marriage
  • Freedom to know that your relationships are not based on sex and that you are together because of who you are
  • Freedom from feeling used
  • Freedom to keep parent’s trust
  • Freedom to emotionally heal quicker if the relationship breaks up.
  • Freedom to accomplish your life goals
  • Freedom from feeling trapped in a sexual relationship

Here are some tips if you are (or when you start) dating:

  • Determine your limits before you get physical. Know your reasons! It’s easy to get talked into doing more. You might regret not having a set limit.
  • Pick your partner wisely. Find out before you go out if he/she is sexually active. If they don’t share your desire to save it, they may pressure you into having sex as part of being “in love”.
  • Be Up Front. Before you get too cozy, let him/her know that you are waiting. Tell them it’s nothing personal, but a decision that you have made for yourself that will not change.
  • Consider double dating or group dates. It’s more difficult to become intimate with other people hanging around.