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The following are some of the questions we hear most often, so we’ve listed them here for your convenience.

If there is anything you cannot locate below, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We would be happy to assist you.

Have a Question?

How much are your pregnancy tests?

Our pregnancy tests are always free.

What type and how accurate is the test used?

It is a urine test which is 99% accurate.

How soon can I have a test?

The test can show positive 10 days past conception.

Are you a medical clinic?

No, we refer clients for medical care.

Do I need an appointment?

We accept walk-ins, but you can also make an appointment.

How much are your other services?

All of our services are free.

I am undecided what to do if I am pregnant. Will I get information on all of my options?


We are committed to giving women full disclosure information on abortion, adoption, and parenting. Every woman’s situation is unique and she deserves to know all the facts so she can make an informed decision. We do not believe in withholding information from women in the decision-making process.

What do services cost?

All of our services are free.

Do you perform abortions?

No. We can verify and confirm your pregnancy and give factual educational information on all of the procedures and risks of abortion. It is very important to know how far along you are in your pregnancy , if you are considering abortion.

Do you refer for abortions?

No. We are prepared to assist those in an unplanned pregnancy situation with emotional and practical support.

Do I need my parents permission to receive your services if I am a minor?

No. according to the State of California, a minor may seek services related to sexuality issues without her parents permission or knowledge.

Are there any requirements to receive your services?


Do you offer temporary housing for pregnant women?

Not at this time, but we have local referrals that can help.

Are you a religious organization?

We are a faith-based-non-profit organization that exists to provide services to the community without discrimination of religion, race or age.

Does any of the funding come from the government?

No. We receive all of our funding from private sources.

Are you connected to other pregnancy centers?

No, we are a separate non-profit organization. Although we provide similar services, each center operates with their own Board of Directors and they each earn their own funding.

What types of donations are accepted?

Maternity clothes, baby clothes up to 2T, baby items, diapers, baby clothes, baby furniture and of course, financial.

Can I get a receipt for tax deductible purposes?

Yes, Just ask a staff member when you drop off your donations.

How can I volunteer?

We offer volunteer training throughout the year. Call or email our office for more information.